Atlas Metal

Making Metal Personal

How we uncovered Atlas Metal’s true differentiator in a sea of stainless steel.

In the world of serving line equipment manufacturers, things like reliability and durability have become table stakes. Atlas Metal was seeking a way to stand out in a marketplace flooded with cold copy and monotonous equipment photography.

Heart, soul and dedication to handcrafted quality are what make a lasting impression.

Making Metal Personal. This new brand ethos is a simple phrase that allows Atlas Metal to demonstrate its hands-on approach in a lighthearted way, highlights the people who make Atlas great and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

When showcasing the details that make Atlas stand out, we showcased the people who do, too.

In a category that gravitates toward reds, blacks and blues, we tapped into Atlas Metal’s Miami heritage to bring forward a differentiating palette.

A fresh approach to Atlas Metal's tone features a playful attitude to stand out in a tough industry.

Results and Impact

Following the rebrand, sales experienced four-year cumulative growth of 25.5%.

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