Should Someone Else Do Your Content Writing for You?

Chris Just

by Chris Just

VP, Executive Creative Director

You know your business better than anyone else, but is that always a good thing? Sometimes it’s good to get out of your own head and let someone else write your talking points. Why? Here are four quick reasons:

1. It’s all about perspectives, right?
You know your job inside and out. You also have only your own perspective on it. Sometimes it’s better to let an outsider understand and talk about it, because, after all, the outsiders are the ones you want to reach. Sometimes they know best.

2. Trust me. The less you know, the better.
Knowing your job inside and out makes you awesome at doing it, but not always great at talking about it. Whether you’re using too much industry jargon, talking about it in too great detail or knowing the topic so well you leave out crucial details, an outside writer can help distill your content in ways anyone can digest.

3. Writing can kinda suck.
Unless you’re one of those people who naturally love to write, you might find it easier to provide some talking points and leave the writing to a masochist who strangely loves it.

4. Do you really have time for this?
You probably don’t get paid to just write, so it usually ranks pretty low on people’s list of priorities. Most people are so busy that the ideas they have for content remain, well, just ideas.

Honestly, having someone else write your content isn’t for everyone. But for most people, it’s the sort of thing that can take their content from feeling labored to feeling like a labor of love. And trust me, readers know the difference.

Ghostwritten by Matthew Ketchum.

If you’re looking for someone to take content marketing off your plate or lend a set of helping hands, just give us a shout. We’d be happy to help.

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