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Juliana Converse


Words, words, words. I just can’t get enough. That’s why I spend my days crafting copy and my nights and weekends writing fiction or book reviews. The rest of the time, I’m in the kitchen stirring up curries, cookies or cocktails, curled up with my cats watching Frasier or enjoying challenging music.

Leah Li

Digital Marketing Analyst

The most enduring happiness is embedded in consistent progress, little by little. What makes life enjoyable is never random luck. I tell myself to always maintain a positive attitude, seek solutions to challenges, and remember to take a step back to learn from past best practices. Performance metrics interest me just as much as playing with my cat. Life is a fun game if we play it right.

Tami Ferraro

Art Director / Designer

I love hanging out with my grandkids making tiny foods out of Sculpey. I'm a card-carrying font addict, and I love to cook, eat and draw food. On the weekends you’ll find me hanging out with Big Nick, singing karaoke after a few shots of José Cuervo (at home—no need to subject the public to that).

Jessica Painter

VP, Creative

As a PSU alum, I am a natural when it comes to tailgating. Depending the day, you can find me playing in intramural leagues or doing anything that involves running. Running really fast is the best. When things don't go my way, I believe a good dirty martini is the best way to end a bad day.

Kate Hinder

Media Manager

I’m a coffee fanatic, always searching for a new café. To counteract my caffeinated state, I practice yoga and love the mindfulness and balance it has taught me. I carry those messages with me every day. I also enjoy hiking with my yellow lab, spending time with friends and family, and shopping.

Trey Buckingham

VP of Technology

Golf is my thing. I’m ready for tee time, anytime. When I’m not golfing or spending time with my family, you can probably find me behind the grill cooking up something amazing. I’m a big Baltimore sports fan, too—go O’s and Ravens!

Mei Collins

Managing Supervisor

I’m a proud wife and mom of a boy with strong negotiating skills and a boxer rescue who is an escape artist. I'm a romantic at heart with a penchant for love stories, kids and pets. Growing up in Malaysia—a glutton’s paradise—made me a complete foodie, so let’s catch up somewhere over good food and drinks. Just give me time to scour the menu because I’d want to try it all.

JoAnn Ather

Production Supervisor

I’m an American Idol wannabe, football fan, big-time foodie, small-time gardener and people person. I enjoy decorating, sipping a lemon drop martini and going on cruises. Production is my perfect career, because it encompasses everything from start to finish, and I like to be involved in all of it.

Tighe Merkert


Family, food and friends. One of seven kids in a family where everyone brought a friend to dinner, Tighe learned these values early—along with a natural understanding of food, beverage, hospitality and how to please crowds. A very successful foodservice career naturally ensued. Recognizing a real need for businesses that understand client and customer insights held the door wide open to running an agency. All the while, the game of golf fascinated Tighe from an early age, carrying his own bag through Division I golf up until today. Good business, good friends, food and hospitality all start there.

Ann Saunders

Insights & Planning Supervisor

Recommended by four out of five people who recommend things, I am a proud mom and wife with a really cool day job. Aggressively unfancy and a Diet Pepsi addict, I always feel sad for seedless watermelons, because what if they wanted babies?

Jessica Guercio

Account Supervisor

Blue crabs with Old Bay. Natty Boh. Fed Hill. Berger cookies. I bleed orange in the summer and purple in the winter. Gold almost all year long because, well, hockey never ends. Baltimore is my NeverNever Land, and in my next life I’d love to have a late-night bakery on Cross Street.

Marshall Kapfudza

Senior Web Developer

How did a Zimbabwean end up in the East Coast, coding for a living? A Game Boy I got when I was eight. It ignited my love for software and it’s taken me to some interesting places, from building websites for a tech startup in Cape Town to media companies in the U.S. In the rare days I’m not coding, I like going on road trips. The best one involved bungee jumping from one of the highest bridges in the world. Sky diving is next.

Katie Vacca

Account Supervisor

Born and bred in horse country, I love the Kentucky Derby and am a die-hard Louisville Cardinal fan. My favorite professional golfer is Justin Thomas, my favorite day of the year is Selection Sunday and my favorite vacation destination is Hilton Head Island.

Tim Shanley

Digital Art Director

Growing up I loved to draw, build and take things apart—computers were fascinating at first sight. I've been designing and building websites from the days of modems and dial-up Internet trial floppy disks. I love spending time with my wife and kids, watching movies, the outdoors, and being a pastor.

Wendy Simms

VP of Media / Performance

Home, family, nature—enjoying the simple things in life. Pet adoption is my passion—finding homes for unwanted animals. I would take them all in if I could, but I have my two rescue dogs, Hannah and Henry, who now rule my heart and my home.

Erica Wright

Media Coordinator

The three most important things to know about me are that I have read hundreds of books, spent countless hours watching Grey’s Anatomy, and LOVE Harry Styles. I am a born and raised Marylander who enjoys finding new places to explore around the state.

Adrian McLoughlin

Digital Production Designer

Being Irish, I revolve my life around family, sports, outdoors, and—most importantly—having a drink and a bit of craic (good times) with the lads. I grew up playing hurling and Gaelic football, and now I spend my time traveling, battering and hacking my way through Gaelic Athletic Association clubs.

Upasana Mohapatra

Sr Manager of Digital Marketing Strategy

"I am a part of all that I’ve met". Born and brought up in different cities across a diverse India, I've traveled all the way from home to find the next big adventure at Marriner. (Ask me where "home" is and watch me glitch for half a minute). Music, books and everything spicy fill the in-between.

Nikki Harris

Controller / Director of HR

Growing up on a farm made me appreciate the beauty of fresh fruits and veggies. Could be one of the reasons I’m a plant-based eater. Coming back to an agency that specializes in food & beverage is really exciting. Walking through the office & talking about our customers every day makes me hungry!

Jake Naish

Senior Copywriter

This world is bonkers, and I’m in awe of everything in it—trailer park artwork, pizza, dogs, Billy Strings, “The Room,” ping-pong, you name it. My fascination drives me to travel, find lots of live music, and stare blissfully at my family, friends, and colleagues as often as possible. Is that weird?

Rob Levine

Partner / President

The food industry is kind of in my blood—I’ve had two great uncles and a grandfather in the business to prove it. I’ve planned ticker tape parades for Wendy the Snapple Lady, penned op-ed pieces on school lunch, and I’ll fight the first person who doesn’t think the best pizza is from New Haven (forgot to mention I’m a Connecticut native). Other than that, I like to run marathons and spend time with my wife, two kids and our dog, Shepley. I’d tell you how he got his name, but it’s a long story.

Sara Ford

Managing Supervisor

I love the idea of relaxation, but haven’t mastered the art of doing so. I’m from the land of 10,000 Lakes (and the Mall of America). When I’m not crafting ideas for clients, I’m hanging with my 4 boys, watching the Ravens, baking cookies or exploring rooftop bars. Am I open to recommendations? You betcha.

Nicole Morant

VP of Production

Travel, art and interior design are core to who I am! I love culture, food and music in new places. I’m excited by a blank canvas or being behind a camera. I’m always changing my environment with color, texture and fabric to create an unexplored perspective. It’s key to growth, evolution and clarity.

Jon Nitz

Integrated Project Manager

I am nerdy about everything from music and video games to sports, anime, Star Wars, and marketing! I’ve always been interested in how we relate to our favorite brands and that curiosity has guided me throughout my career. Building connections with others and going to the beach are my favorite!

Kara Siegert

Senior Digital Designer

The best thing about me is my dog, Nathan. He's 50% dachshund, 50% chihuahua and 100% my life. I’m a Towson Women's Lacrosse alum, born-again collector of Pokémon cards and someone who always has a craft project going on. I also love Star Wars and spending time with my parents, in that order.

Patrick Physioc

Senior Production Artist

I love FOOTBALL, FIGHTING and FUN.  I’ve been a fan of the Baltimore Ravens since 1996. I’ve always enjoyed training in various forms of martial arts, or watching Mixed Martial Arts. I may be growing old, but I’m not growing up! I always try to have fun and enjoy life.

Ali Sippel

Account Supervisor

I’m on a perpetual quest for the perfect bite, whether it’s at a new restaurant or experimenting in my own kitchen. A foodie at heart, I’m thrilled to be combining my career with my passion for food. Outside of the office, you’ll find me whipping up a sourdough loaf, reading a good book or Bon Appetit magazine, shaking up the perfect martini with a twist, or taking a long walk with my husband and pup. Let’s swap recipes and favorite reads, dish on the latest dining spots and pull consumer heart strings together.

Danielle Sirk

Director of Creative Strategy

Curiosity is an unfortunate trait for cats, but for me, it’s the opposite. I love asking questions and investigating. It’s fun to learn new things, but there’s always something special about rediscovering old ones—like overgrown hiking trails or forgotten family recipes.

David Melnick

Partner / EVP of Brand Integration

I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll (and a little jazz, bluegrass, hip hop…). But one thing is for certain, I will always be surrounded by music. Friday night jamborees with the wife and kids? Check. Stop-light car karaoke? For sure. Music inspires, provokes thought and makes you feel. But most importantly, music connects people.  A great marketing strategy will do the same thing, if you have the right group playing the song. Good news is, I’m jamming with a pretty tight band.

Dawn Widener

Accounting Manager

G’day! As a true blue, dinky die Aussie, I love fielding questions about my homeland, sewing, knitting, Vegemite, and my boss (she writes the checks). A previous career in hotels and hospitality in no way prepared me for the agency life, but this place rocks!!

Melanie Kavka

Advertising Operations Coordinator

I am holding a pool noodle because I love to swim, and this is my flotation device of choice. In my free time, I appreciate the outdoors and anything that screams adventure. I hope to live a life full of travels, new ideas, and good relationships. Within the digital world I enjoy problem-solving and collaborating with other creative minds. Throughout my career, I hope to create unique and impacting decisions.

Anthony Huff

Senior Web Developer

I’ve lived most of my life in Buffalo, NY. Coming here was a big change for me. Seeing a local team perform well for once was great. I love the area and being close to history and things to do. The DMV is becoming one of the largest tech-focused areas in the US, which is what enticed me most.

Ashley Brown

Account Executive

I've spent over half of my life in the restaurant industry and still bartend on the weekends. Multitasking, listening to customers and pivoting, all while staying calm, is essential. I thrive on chaos and helping clients achieve goals, whether that be a best-in-class campaign or a tasty cocktail.

Anne Torregrossa

VP of Client Services

Client services isn't for the weak and weary. We are the organizers of chaos. The calm in the storm. The believers in magic. And I have a pretty amazing team of wizards and magicians that work hard to deliver exceptional services every day.

Anna Russell

Jr. Art Director

An avid amateur kickball player. A Purple Patio regular. And your favorite person on the aux. A true Marylander, but I hate Berger cookies. If I’m not tailgating or buying a concert ticket you can find me hanging with friends and family, obsessing over typography, or starting a new art project.

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